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Cultural Change at the top

Cultural Change at the top

ABB wanted to transform the leadership culture of its 200 leaders to be better prepared for the changes happening in the world


Equip the top 200 leaders wolrdwide for the dramatic changes in the market

Key elements 

  • Being confronted with unknown and unexpected situations

  • Create a higher value for the participants and the company by cross fertilization exchanges

  • Getting an unbiased 360 perspective from clients, peers, stakeholders & partners


  • Bring the top 200 ABB leaders to their personal edge to help them implement the change of leadership which was required

  • Equip the leader with practical tools to lead differently

  • Create a positive energy to cascade down this cultural transformation

Prasad Swaminathan (Global Head of Talent & Learning)

Impactful program design starts with asking powerful questions. Stucki’s team did exactly that, and this helped us clarify and articulate the true objectives for the program. Their contribution to design and development was invaluable too. They were able to propose innovative solutions that were founded in Adult Learning methodology and Mind-Brain Research. Their pedagogical approach was a breath of fresh air from the commoditized offerings one sees in Learning these days. They followed it up with superlative delivery, facilitation, and infrastructure management.

Bernard Reber -Seminar leader

Simulations allow leaders to test and learn in a safe environment, leading to long lasting

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