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When 70 students become a team

When 70 students become a team

Ignite the fre for the upcoming time of studies and the cooperation with fellow students.


How can we get the new 70 students acquainted
with each other in one day and light the fire for
the upcoming cooperation?

Key elements 

  • The students experience teamwork and elements of leadership in action-oriented tasks.

  • By reflecting on what has been experienced, findings are gained and the transfer to future cooperation is made.

  • The students know each other much better after this day and have laid the foundation for their future cooperation

Sonja Geiser – Seminar Leader

Since, 40 years we customize seminars and programs to equip and empower leaders and teams to solve organizational challenges

Te director:

Tanks to the shared
experiences gained at this
great event, the students are
now much better enabled to
deal with each other
constructively and
objectively during their

A student:

Thanks to the “Stucki Day”
we felt like a community
among the students from the
very beginning. During our
studies, we kept reliving the
experiences and insights
from that day.

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