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Virtual Collaboration and Communication

Virtual Collaboration and Communication

Virtual, activity-oriented seminar with 90 participants


100% virtual
90 participants
22 Breakout rooms
2 languages
½ day

Key elements 

  • Activity-oriented tasks on the topics of communication and cooperation

  • Reflection and exchange on the experienced and on „best practices“ and „no-go‘s“


Experience and reflect on virtual collaboration and
communication. Recognise and follow the
“Big Stones” even in turbulent times.
Experience “out-of-the-box thinking“
in situations of virtual collaboration

Markus Stucki – Seminar leader

Since, 40 years we customize seminars and
programs to equip and empower leaders and teams
to solve organizational challenges

Stefan Schärer (Head of Facility Management)

We had the pleasure of
spending a very exciting
morning with the team
from Stucki Leadership and
Team Development. Many
thanks again for the very
pleasant cooperation! Te
facility management staff of
armasuisse Real Estate
exchanged in different
groups about their
experiences and challenges
regarding working remotely
(home office). Helpful hints
were worked out in order to
be able to better meet the
challenges of digital
collaboration and to show
possibilities of not losing
the overall view of the work
to be done even in the
changed environment.

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