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New Work

New Work

Bosch decided to standardize their finance processes and centralize them into shared services centers. The aim was to transfer at least 60% of all transactions into the new services centers.


Help the financial organization to transform from a local into a centralized one.

Key elements 

  • Design a program which would help people to go through this major change with the lowest impact possible.

  • Train change agents and leaders to help the organization transition into the new set-up.

  • Educate the internal clients about the new way of working.


  • Locally trained change agents and leaders who took the full responsibility for the change.

  • A smooth transition with no strike.

  • No interruption in the business and services delivered such
    as year end closing, reports, etc.

Claudia Balack
(Project leader Change Management)

The approaches were unique and convincing from the moment the contract was awarded. The effectiveness of the methods used can also be seen in the fact that the people involved still have very positive memories of the project to this day, which is exceptional for a project of this kind. If you are looking for a partner who puts people at the center and uses methods that challenge those involved and make real change possible, then you are in good hands with STUCKI.

Bernard Reber -Seminar leader

Simulations allow leaders to test and learn in a safe environment, leading to long lasting

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