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Cultural change for innovation and growth.

Cultural change for innovation and growth.

A 135-year-old company with more than 700 employees, active in the high-quality precision micromechanical manufacturing and the recycling and processing of precious metals, C+M is embarking on a high-growth strategy to prepare for the next 135 years.


How to accelerate innovation and empower expert technicians to deliver more and better products to customers? How to develop a culture where mistakes are seen as a source of learning and evolution instead of a cause for fear and scolding? 

Key elements 

  • Develop a culture where mistakes are recognised to be OK as long as lessons are learnt and are used to improve processes and develop new products.

  • Feedback is crucial to ensure all employees learn from their attitudes and mistakes. It is impossible to learn about one’s shortcomings without the others’ inputs.

  • Tous ensemble, or All Together means just that: everyone pushes in the same direction, and the entire organisation is one team.

Miguel Camacho, Seminar Leader

Building a culture of psychological safety where mistakes are seen as a source of learning was a major change for C+M. We are proud to see they are achieving the desired results, and to be a part of the process.

Phillip von Büren,
Group CEO

Stucki Leadership & Team Development is supporting us in a cultural transformation project. Through close collaboration, they are helping us to develop and implement a programme to strengthen our employees’ sense of belonging to our company, to orient our leaders towards the behaviours that will enable us to achieve our strategic objectives and to develop their leadership skills. I look forward to continuing this excellent collaboration with Stucki Leadership & Team Development and highly recommend their services.”

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