Stucki over the years

In 1984 Robert Stucki founded the company “Stucki Leadership & Team Development”. From the very beginning, the concept of activity-oriented learning was central to everything the company did. This made Stucki a pioneer in training leaders in Switzerland because the activity-oriented approach was virtually unknown at the time in Europe.

The 1980s

Corporate leaders in the 1980s were faced with different challenges from those faced now. People with a military background were often appointed to lead a company. In spite of the fact that many of these leaders had been high-ranking officers, many of them lacked certain social skills. With the fall of the Eastern block, a military career became less attractive for potential managers. Management training became popular and gave leaders the feeling they were part of the elite; although this did not equip them with experience of life or experience in managing others.

Stucki came up at just the right time: With the approach of activity-oriented learning, we had a pragmatic model on offer which set itself apart both from a purely military training and from the emerging interest in esoterics and theoretical management training.

The 1990s

In the 1990s, globalization trends began to be palpable at management level. Companies started to merge across industries and countries, even in Switzerland. One of the many challenges we faced at this time was to sensitize seminar participants on how to lead multicultural teams.

We were convinced back then, as we are now, that it is necessary to be credible and practice-oriented, we faced up to the challenges of multicultural working. We founded branches in several European countries, in the Middle East and in Latin America. At the same time, we embarked on a collaboration with the competency center Sino-Swiss at the University of St. Gallen, and trained Chinese leaders in Switzerland and in China.

The turn of the millennium

After the turn of the millennium, leaders had to learn to deal with the flow of information and the pressure of being available at all times due to new electronic communication media. Since then Stucki has focused even more on the principle of “deceleration” for the development of leaders to create room for development and learning processes.

To promote the exchange between the generations, also within teams, we deliberately hired employees of all ages. We also introduced flexible working time models and sabbaticals for long-term employees and started to train our trainers at our customers’ locations.


Today, Stucki is an experienced company with a tried and tested method that is constantly being developed further: the Stucki method. Thanks to our vision, our methodical approach and our adaptability we have grown continuously. Activity-oriented learning can easily be transferred to the constantly new demands for leaders and is thus still the most effective and sustainable form of leadership training. Today, Stucki is a global player with branches in Central America, the Middle East and in several European countries. At Stucki we unite knowledge from several generations, parts of the world, companies and cultures.

Vision and mission

Our vision

We train leaders to be authentic and credible personalities. We promote a culture of open and honest feedback and trust within companies. We are committed to helping you be accepted and appreciated for what you are.

Our mission

We enable people to improve their performances & personal satisfaction. We activate the human potential in organizations through interactive & experiential training supported by proven theoretical models. We encourage people to find their genuine style of leadership and live it!



The Team

Bernard Reber

  • CEO, Trainer


If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine it is lethal.

Paulo Coelho

Professional Career

After one year at Swiss Customs, Bernard spent five years in the travel industry. He further extended his theoretical knowledge of business administration at the HWV Lausanne, graduating in 1998 as a business administrator. He then spent six months in South America. He spent seven years working as a business consultant. His specialist areas were project and change management, and process optimization in the financial sector as well as in industry. In 2002 he successfully completed an executive MBA in international business at the Universities of Edinburgh and the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées in Paris.

Before coming to Stucki, he most recently worked as a senior program manager at a start-up company in Zurich that specialized in the authentication of originals. Bernard has headed up Stucki Romandie since 2009.

Markus Stucki

  • Trainer


With Stucki since: 2005

Lernen ist wie schwimmen gegen den Strom. Hört man damit auf beginnt man rückwärts zu treiben.


Professional Career

Ausbildung zum Radio-TV-Elektroniker, anschliessend Ausbildung im Informatikbereich, Matura im zweiten Bildungsweg und Studium der Umweltnaturwissenschaften an der ETH in Zürich mit Diplom. Trainerausbildung in handlungsorientiertem Lernen und Outdoor-Training bei der Firma Stucki. Ausbildung zum Organisationsberater und Coach am Institut für systemische Impulse, Zürich mit BSO-Abschluss. Zertifizierter Berater für Insights Discovery und REISS Profile.

Sonja Geiser


With Stucki since: 2020

Christof Biedermann

  • Trainer


Es gibt Fähigkeiten die man erlernen kann. Es gibt Fähigkeiten, die man schon in sich trägt. Die einen sind nicht besser als die anderen. Entscheidend ist, wofür man Sie einsetzt.

Buddhist saying

Professional Career

Leadership and team building fascinated me early on. I concluded my studies of economics with a dissertation on the subject of “Subjective leadership theories – the significance of good leadership for Swiss leaders”. In the following 25 years I gained considerable professional, leadership and life experience as a manager in various industries and positions, ultimately as the CEO of a medium-sized enterprise. I make this experience available to others today as a coach and consultant.

Robert Stucki

  • Trainer


Arbeit macht entweder Spass oder krank; also love it, leave it or change it.

K. Sprenger

Professional Career

El Ing HTL, patentierter Bergführer, umfassende Trainerausbildung im In- und Ausland, grosse eigene Führungserfahrung als Ing in ZH, Genf und Thun, als Bergführer auf mehreren Expeditionen (zum Beispiel Arktis), langjährige Lehrererfahrung als Fachlehrer bei ABW, selbständiger Seminarleiter seit 1984, Begründer des Handlungsorientierten Lernens im Deutschsprachigen Europa

Neil Brown

  • Technical specialist


Tiziana Flügel-Pelusi

  • Seminar Coordinator / Office Manager


Axel Kravatzky

  • Trainer
  • Trinidad and Tobago agency


Ekkehard Hager

  • Trainer
  • Austrian agency


Glaube nicht, dass dies schon alles ist. Es gibt noch viele wunderbare Lehren – das Schwert ist unergründlich.

Yamaoku Tesshu - Japanese samurai

Professional Career

Studied sport – philosophy/psychology/pedagogy (Master’s). After studies, taught at the University of Salzburg (incl. games, active awakening, body awareness…), the Academy of Physiotherapy (sport, didactics), the Pedagogical Academy (course on psychomotricity) and other instruction and further training institutions. Co-founder of a theater company, training in dance – movement – acting also in Paris. Professionalization and international theater activity. Creation of numerous plays and event performances (vertical dance). Body and movement trainer for actors (at the Elisabethbühne Theater in Salzburg). Training in body-oriented personality development (postural integration), teacher of spiral dynamics, alpine instructor, psychology of vision seminars (Dr. Spezzano). Trained as an activity-oriented trainer “on the job” and in Stucki’s own training courses. Training in “systemic constellation” (Laszlo Mattyiaszewsky/Germany).

Günter Isbrandt

  • Trainer
  • Italy agency


Bewusstsein, ist bewusster sein!

Professional Career

Seine Karriere begann mit dem Abschluss als Diplom Ingenieur für Druckereitechnik. Günter Isbrandt arbeitete 15 Jahre lang erfolgreich als Manager in der Druckindustrie, bis er seinen Traum verwirklichte: den Trainerberuf. Nach einem Studienaufenthalt in USA, lebt der gebürtige Münchner seit 1989 in Italien. Er beherrscht daher neben seiner Muttersprache fließend englisch und italienisch.

Heute ist der fanatische Surfer und ehemalige Snowboard-Weltcup Fahrer, nach diversen Ausbildungen zum Trainer und Coach, Inhaber des Consulting-Studios Attua S.r.l. mit Sitz in der Nähe von Verona.

Trainer- und Coach-Qualifikationen u.a.: NLP, DISG, REISS-Profile, Argenta Creativity, Bluewater Partnership Leadership.


Pilar Braz

  • Trainer
  • Iberia agency


Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.

Professional Career

Portuguese psychologist. Has worked since 1994 as a consultant on personal and organizational development. She has designed and coordinated seminars on leadership development and team building. From 2000 to 2005 she worked as an internal development consultant at Volkswagen where she was deeply involved in the business reengineering process throughout the company. She strives for continuous improvement and a goal-oriented spirit. Keen on new learning paradigms, she was trained by Stucki in experiential learning. She is also certified in MBTI and has experience with NLP, assessment centers, 360º feedback processes and bioenergetic analysis.

Tarek Kotb, Stucki AG

Tarek Kotb

  • Trainer
  • Middle East agency


After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb.

Nelson Mandela

Professional Career

Mr Tarek Kotb is a trainer and an organizational capacity specialist. He studied in Egypt where he was awarded a B.Sc. in science, advanced to a diploma in social development from St. Fax Univ. in Canada and a Master’s in economic development from the London School of Economics. After extensive experience working as a director of international aid projects, Tarek now works in Europe and the Middle East as a business coach and a trainer in leadership, team development and business development. He runs a consultancy firm that works in talent management in the Middle East. He is passionate about multiculturalism and cultural impact on business. He is a Stucki accredited trainer and Insights licensed practitioner. He was born in Egypt in 1963.

Jeff Kneubühler

  • Technical specialist


Albert Brunner

  • Technical specialist


Enjoy the mountains and life!

Professional Career

Carpenter, foreman, mountain guide and skiing instructor.

Alejandro Altieri

  • Trainer


In times of change, those who learn inherit the world, while those who know remain superbly equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.

Eric Hoffer

Professional Career

Ausbildung: Psychologiestudium an der Universität Buenos Aires mit Spezialisierung Pädagogik und Sozialpsychologie. Nachdiplomstudium an der Universität Buenos Aires mit Schwerpunkt Personalentwicklung. Berufserfahrung: Diverse internationale Tätigkeiten als Lehrer und Coach sowie im Bereich Geschäftsentwicklung. Internationale Beratungsaktivitäten mit Schwerpunkt auf multikulturellen Herausforderungen und globalen Aufgaben.

Interessen: Reisen und die Erforschung potentieller Synergien von Denkmustern und Weltanschauungen.

Christian Mulle

  • Trainer


Entweder wir finden einen Weg, oder wir machen einen.


Professional Career

Diplomstudium ETH/Militärakademie Zürich mit Schwerpunkten Strategie, Psychologie und Pädagogik. Ab 1996 während 6 Jahren Ausbildungsverantwortlicher in der Rekruten- und Offiziersschule (Coaching und Führungsentwicklung der Kader). Ausbildung zum Outdoor-Trainer in Australien und bei der Firma Stucki. Weiterbildung systemische Erlebnispädagogik, kreativ rituelle Prozessgestaltung, am Planoalto Institut in St. Gallen.

Heinz Leitinger

  • Trainer


People forget what you say, people forget what you do, but they will never forget the feeling you give them.


Professional Career

I learned the banking business from scratch, starting out with customer advice through being an expert for property financing to leading a group of 4 branches. I am currently the Works Council Chairman of a medium-sized Austrian Sparkasse bank where I started work 37 years ago. I have acquired additional skills in

  • Experiential pedagogy and most recently alongside the
  • Stucki train-the-trainer course in activity-oriented learning as a
  • “Certified systemic outdoor coach”

I would like to make these skills available – combined with my experience of work, leadership and life in general – as a trainer. I am fascinated in finding out how teams work and how economic success and satisfaction at work can be increased simultaneously.

Another thing that fascinates me: Everything you can do in the mountains, whether on foot, on a mountain bike or on skis, gives me balance, movement und relaxation. I also work voluntarily for the mountain rescue service as an assistant in emergencies.

Helen Carrington

  • Trainer


Klaus Bangerter

  • Technical specialist


Isabelle Grunder

  • Trainer

It is not doubt but certainty that drives one mad.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Professional Career

Work psychologist, Isabelle has been active in human resources and consulting for over 25 years. Also holding a diploma in business administration and a certified coach, she has taken on responsibilities nationally and internationally in sectors as diverse as banking, multinationals, a big four, insurance, FMCG, a not-for-profit foundation and the public service.
Trilingual F-D-E, Isabelle acts as HR leader, coach and trainer. These three activities nurture one another and pursue the same objective of connecting each individual to his full potential and co-workers to the organisation – as well as the opposite.

Marc Haag

  • Trainer


Wer glaubt etwas zu sein, hat aufgehört etwas zu werden.

Philip Rosenthal, Unternehmer

Professional Career

Seit seiner Schulzeit bewegte sich Marc stets entlang der Sprachgrenze zwischen Deutsch- und Westschweiz:

  • zweisprachige Wirtschaftsmatur in Neuchâtel
  • Studium zum Betriebsökonomen FH (Spezialisierung Marketing)
  • Verschiedene Tätigkeiten im Finanzsektor in Zürich und Genf (HR, Sales, Training)
  • Weiterbildung im Bereich der betriebsinternen Erwachsenenbildung
  • Leitung eines national tätigen Ausbildungsteams im schweizer Detailhandel

Was Marc sonst noch beschäftigt: Kontinuierliche Pflege seiner Sprachkenntnisse in Französisch und Englisch kombiniert mit seinen Hobbies und Interessensgebieten wie Reisen, Wirtschaft, erneuerbare Energieen. Ausgleich/ Erholung findet Marc im Sport beim Skilaufen, Joggen, Schwimmen, Wandern oder Mountainbiken.

Marcel Zollinger

  • Trainer

Brain without heart is like a car without engine. Heart without brain is like an engine only.

Professional Career

Nach meinem BWL Studium an der Universität St. Gallen habe ich mir während nunmehr fast 20 Jahren Führungserfahrung in der Finanz- und Telekombranche angeeignet. In diversen Führungspositionen vor allem im Bereich Projekt-, Produktmanagement, B2B Marketing und Marketing Controlling konnte ich mein Leadership-know-how auf eine breite Basis stellen. Das theoretische Fundament für meine Trainertätigkeit besteht aus diversen betriebsinternen Leadership-Lehrgängen sowie einer Trainerausbildung im Bereich handlungsorientierte Führung bei Stucki Leadership & Team Development.

Matthias Fankhauser

  • Trainer


Wer nicht besser wird, hat aufgehört gut zu sein.

Philip Rosenthal

Professional Career

Handelsdiplom und Ausbildung zum Luftverkehrskauf-mann. Über 20 Jahre tätig als General-, Verkaufs- und Marketingleiter im In- und Ausland (UK, Schweden, Ghana, Frankreich, Ägypten) im Airline Business. Führungspositionen im Kooperations- und Allianzen-management. Leitung Restrukturierungsprojekte. Co-Trainer/Coach in Verkaufstrainings und Total Quality Management Seminaren. Als International Business Consultant und Coach tätig als Executive Searcher und Recruiter und in den Bereichen Assessment, Talent Management und Outplacement. Weiterbildung Managementzentrum St. Gallen und Swissair Curriculum Management Development Program. Ausbildung zum Trainer bei der Firma Stucki.

Nora Cantini

  • Trainer


Set me a task in which I can put something of myself, and it is a task no longer; it is joy, it is art.

B. Carmen

Professional Career

In the first part of her professional life, Nora spent ten years at Hewlett-Packard driving pan-European projects in systems, sales administration, market research and quality assurance. After a Master in Business & Environment, she managed capacity building programmes for sustainable development, for business executives and government officials, primarily from developing countries. More recently her work with private companies and international organisations has been focused on leadership, talent development, team building, communication, and career development – living her passion for supporting people in their growth and transformation.

Tri-national and tri-lingual, Nora has always lived and worked in multi-cultural environments. She has a BA in Business Administration, a European Master in Environmental Management and is a certified Coach.

Patti Amonini

  • Trainer


Upon the sea of life, although I may not be able to control the winds that blow, I can always set the sails.

Mildred Hayer

Professional Career

Patti has a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in sport and experiential pedagogy from the University Monclair State, New Jersey, USA.

She spent over two years working with difficult children in the wilderness. Patti has been living in Switzerland since 1986. In the first few years she worked as a wellness instructor and lecturer for movement and condition training. She has also gained further experience lecturing in dynamic team building at a wellness school and being a lecturer/assessor for outdoor seminars. Alongside her other duties, Patti gives the courses “The Learning Manager” and “Personal Managerial Skills” for MBA graduates at the Hochschule für Berufstätige (Business University) in St.Gallen and Zurich.

Patti has worked for Stucki Leadership – Teambuilding AG since 1995. She particularly enjoys the intense work with different cultures and personalities.

Reshma Bissessar

  • Trainer


Seeraj Gajadhar

  • Trainer


Simon Schürch

  • Trainer


Willst du den Charakter eines Menschen erkennen, so gib ihm Macht.

Abraham Lincoln

Professional Career

Simon verfügt über einen vielseitigen beruflichen Werdegang: Banklehre mit kaufmännischer Berufsmatur. Verschiedene Tätigkeiten und interne Weiterbildungen im Finanzsektor in Zürich (Management Support, Kundenbetreuung, Portfolio Management). Berufsbegleitetes Studium in Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologie an der Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW und in Kanada mit dem Erwerb des Master Diploms MSc. Daneben Mitbegründung und Aufbau eines Grafikateliers sowie Entwicklung eines Faltrad-Fachgeschäfts. Praktikum in der Kantonsverwaltung Bern (Abteilung Personalentwicklung). Trainerausbildung im handlungsorientieren Lernen bei der Firma Stucki. Zur Zeit Teilzeitselbständigkeit mit der Generalvertretung Brompton Schweiz.

Stéphanie Ruder

  • Trainer


Tenter de donner conscience aux hommes et aux femmes de la grandeur qu’ils ignorent en eux.

André Malraux

Professional Career

Stéphanie Ruder est titulaire d’un Master en Economie et Gestion d’Entreprise (HEC Lausanne, 1987). En Suisse, elle a travaillé à Zurich, Bâle, Lausanne et Genève. A l’étranger, elle a vécu et travaillé à Dubai (EAU) et aux Etats-Unis. La découverte de nouveaux horizons, tant extérieurs qu’intérieurs, de même que sa passion pour l’être humain, ont tissé le fil rouge de son parcours, accompli principalement dans le domaine des ressources humaines. Au cours des années, Stéphanie a élargi ses compétences plus précisément sur les aspects relationnels tels que le self-leadership, l’affirmation de soi, la communication interpersonnelle et la motivation. Outre son expérience en conseil, Stéphanie Ruder est également consultante certifiée pour les outils psychométriques MBTI, LEA et Insights. Elle travaille en français et anglais.

Thomas Stankiewitz

  • Trainer


It is not a question of which direction the wind is coming from but how we set the sails!

Professional Career

Thomas Stankiewitz is well known as a successful and unconventional trainer and coach of leaders in business and administration. His specialty is the combination of soft and hard factors. This can also be seen in the two areas of his training as an economist (MBA) as well as a mediator and vicar (lic. theol.) working with drug addicts.

As a trainer and coach he can draw on his reflected experience as a successful leader in the private sector (MIGROS), sport (BSC YB), Swiss administration (BAFU [Federal Office for the Environment], UVEK [Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications]) and social services (vicar working with drug addicts).
Tasks and questions that seem unfathomable fascinate him in particular. He proves his capabilities as a mediator and specialist for change processes in times of crisis where he combines the balance of clear target orientation with excellent people skills. He is also a sought-after lecturer and speaker in universities and on public panels on the subject of leadership.

He is convinced that personality development is central to long-term success.

Walter Bolinger

  • Trainer


It is not possible to teach others anything, it is only possible to help them to discover it.

Galileo Galilei

Professional Career

Während der 23 Jahre seiner Tätigkeit als Telekommunikations-Ingenieur hat Walter in folgenden Bereichen gearbeitet: Forschung und Entwicklung, Dozent an Ingenieurschulen, Projektleiter für Richtfunkstationen, Experte für Telekommunikations-Ausbildung in Entwicklungsländern, u.a. Madagaskar und Indonesien, Leiter des Bereichs Radiokommunikation bei Huber & Suhner. Durch sein Interesse an Menschen wählte er eine Zweitausbildung: Seminare in Gruppendynamik, Psychologie und Outdoor-Trainer.


We set store by safety

Our clients can be sure that safety and quality are always guaranteed in our training sessions and seminars. To this end, we have developed a concept and conduct an annual audit to ensure that the safety concept is properly applied in all our activities. 

We set store by efficient organization

Our company is certified in accordance with the quality system ISO 9001. Organization with appropriate time and effort spent on administration as well as a suitable leadership instrument for continuous improvement and an increase in efficiency are the fundamental elements necessary for certification.