Virtual Leadership

Leading employees from the home office

Stucki Leadership & Team Development has been successful in the market since 1984. We have developed a virtual, interactive leadership training program that supports managers dealing with situations where many employees work from their home office.  We remain true to our values and our proven Stucki method. The program was already successfully implemented during the Corona crisis.

Target group

Leaders who manage employees in the home office.



… deal with the situational particularities of virtual leadership
… recognize the opportunities and barriers to this kind of leadership
… develop a personal toolbox
… receive many supportive tips and tricks as well as feedback from Stucki 
    and your colleagues
… benefit from the experience of virtual leadership to gain insights for
    physical cooperation
… get to know the professional use of a communication tool for virtual


Our approach involves a varied selection of different working methods:

  • Solving tasks together
  • Reflection in small groups and in plenum
  • Group discussions
  • Work on cases from daily life
  • Exchange between colleagues with similar topics
  • Theory inputs and comprehensive models
  • Development of implementation tasks and/or goals for personal development in leadership and cooperation


4 – 6 modules of 2 – 2.5 hours

Benefits for your company

  • Your leaders are fit to work with employees in the home office.
  • A smooth flow of projects and processes is ensured even in situations with physically absent employees.
  • Newly emerging expectations are clarified and re-entry after a crisis is made easier.