70 students start their studies together on “Stucki Day”

The “Stucki Day” has been a successful part of the Academia Engiadina programme for many years. This year again, the 70 new students spent a day during the first week of their studies under the supervision of 3 Stucki trainers. Through various tasks they actively dealt with what successful cooperation means to them and were able to take on leadership in different situations. With interesting debriefs, the transfer was made to the requirements of their everyday study life.

Read the director’s and a student’s feedback as well as more about the content of the training here:

Virtual Leadership

There is an increasing need for work in the home office. During the Corona Lockdown we were able to gain a lot of experience and realized that especially the managers are challenged. That is why we have developed a virtual leadership training, which covers exactly that subject: What are the special requirements of managing employees in the home office? How do we avoid losing emotional closeness? How are work processes maintained when we can no longer intervene directly? How do we create a stronger basis of trust and what guidelines do we need for this type of cooperation?

During the lockdown, we have already successfully implemented the program with several management teams.

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Whether large or small, Stucki is the one – Stucki in the heart of the Trivadis TechEvent 2019

The Trivadis TechEvent should not take place as usual, as Trivadis celebrates its 25th anniversary and invites all its employees to Barcelona. The main topics for this event were agile organization, positive team spirit, qualified communication and the challenge of working together. Stucki is a good choice, isn’t it? Absolutely and that is why we were allowed to accompany the event with 550 employees.
In contrast to Stucki’s usual practice, we trained 22 Trivadis employees as co-trainers. Well prepared and full of excitement, 9 Stucki trainers travelled to Barcelona.

On site we were able to carry out 5 of our typical Stucki tasks with 550 Trivadians, in cooperation with the committed co-trainers.
The two days under a blue sky and with great participants was a huge success.
Sebastian Klinger made a wonderful video for Trivadis at the TechEvent.


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Part 3 of Lasting Memories of Stucki Day.

The questions we asked in part two of “Lasting Memories of Stucki Day” will be evaluated and discussed during the debriefing. During this period and throughout the day, we receive valuable support from the lecturers of the technical school.

Since our Stucki trainer team is internationally located, we have even been able to arrange tourism internships for students, e. g. in Trinidad and Tobago.

What inspires us each year anew is the anticipation of studying, the relaxed nature (or laidback-ness), the creativity and the cordial interaction amongst the students. We look forward to returning to the Engadine in 2018.

What Judith Meilwes, headmistress and lecturer of the Graubünden School of Tourism, says about the Stucki day and why the Stucki day is one of the highlights for the students during their studies, you can read under “What our clients say“.

Part 2 of Lasting Memories of Stucki Day.

The action-oriented Stucki tasks can make a big impact on a team, therefore it is important to us that an evaluation is always carried out after each task. Here is a selection of some of the questions we ask the students:

What is needed for successful teamwork in future study projects?
What conditions have to be fulfilled in order for the students to be willing to pass on their knowledge to others instead of keeping it to themselves?
How do the students set their priorities during the study period?
Which of my strengths can I personally pass on to my fellow students?
What is needed to achieve my great goal of “successful completion of my studies”?

Part three of “Lasting Memories of Stucki Day” tells you who supports the Stucki team on this day and from what benefits the students have already profited because of our international team.

Part three will be published on July 16, 2018

Part 1 of Lasting Memories of Stucki Day.

We offer you an exclusive insight….

High up in the mountains in the beautiful Engadine, at the Graubünden School of Tourism, Stucki has the honor to hold the Stucki day with the new students at the beginning of their studies – and this already for more than a decade. The seminar venue is idyllically located at the Golfseeli near the Samedan golf course. The aim of the seminar is to enable the 50-60 newcomers to get to know each other in a playful way with action-oriented Stucki tasks and to prepare them for their future teamwork. As usual with Stucki, a debriefing is carried out after each task and with these insights, a link is made to their day-to-day study. Various questions are dealt with.

What kind of questions do we ask the students? A selection of many follows in part 2 of “Lasting Memories of Stuck Day.”

Part two will be published on July 9, 2018

Customer Feedback

Das Stucki-Team verstand es ausgezeichnet, unseren Kaderworkshop bedürfnisgerecht und unserer Führungskultur angepasst zu gestalten und zu moderieren. Der gesunde Mix zwischen Theorie und Praxis war für unsere Führungskräfte sehr zielführend. Mehrere Monate nach dem Seminar wurde ein Follow-up durchgeführt. Dabei durften wir erfreut feststellen, dass die Führungskräfte Gelerntes und persönliche Transferziele bewusst im Führungsalltag umsetzen.

Ruth Maurer
Bereichsleiterin Personal

Eidgenössisches Institut für Metrologie METAS
Lindenweg 50, 3003 Bern-Wabern, Schweiz

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Train the trainer

Stucki attaches great importance to the fact that our trainers regularly extend and consolidate their knowledge level. For this reason, we organize an annual “train the trainer”. In January 2018 we spent three days on the Meielisalp near Leissigen. We carried out and debriefed several of our tasks. It is important to us that our employees have personally experienced our tasks and are thus confronted directly with the various effects of them. Thanks to this training, we were also able of strengthening our team spirit. Despite the bad weather, which we call Stucki weather, we had three successful days and our team is looking forward to all upcoming seminars.