Part 2 of Lasting Memories of Stucki Day.

The action-oriented Stucki tasks can make a big impact on a team, therefore it is important to us that an evaluation is always carried out after each task. Here is a selection of some of the questions we ask the students:

What is needed for successful teamwork in future study projects?
What conditions have to be fulfilled in order for the students to be willing to pass on their knowledge to others instead of keeping it to themselves?
How do the students set their priorities during the study period?
Which of my strengths can I personally pass on to my fellow students?
What is needed to achieve my great goal of “successful completion of my studies”?

Part three of “Lasting Memories of Stucki Day” tells you who supports the Stucki team on this day and from what benefits the students have already profited because of our international team.

Part three will be published on July 16, 2018