Part 3 of Lasting Memories of Stucki Day.

The questions we asked in part two of “Lasting Memories of Stucki Day” will be evaluated and discussed during the debriefing. During this period and throughout the day, we receive valuable support from the lecturers of the technical school.

Since our Stucki trainer team is internationally located, we have even been able to arrange tourism internships for students, e. g. in Trinidad and Tobago.

What inspires us each year anew is the anticipation of studying, the relaxed nature (or laidback-ness), the creativity and the cordial interaction amongst the students. We look forward to returning to the Engadine in 2018.

What Judith Meilwes, headmistress and lecturer of the Graub√ľnden School of Tourism, says about the Stucki day and why the Stucki day is one of the highlights for the students during their studies, you can read under “What our clients say“.