Our services

As an experienced company in the area of leadership and team development, we offer you training sessions and seminars which suit you and your challenges. But that’s not all: Regardless of which of our services you decide to book, you always benefit from us long term.


Developing leadership expertise

Do you have the necessary skills to be a leader? We will show you how to unleash your leadership qualities. With our support you will learn how best to use your social skills, communication capabilities and team leadership. And you will not be the only one to benefit from the development of your leadership expertise; your employees and clients will feel the benefit too!

Team Development

Growing together

Do you want to unleash the full potential of your team? We can help you to get the most out of your team. In small or larger groups, you and your employees learn to approach and master challenges together. You achieve this with us in realistic, practice-oriented settings with which you feel comfortable.

Change Management

Implementing real change

Something has to change in your company? But you don’t know how to go about it? Let us help you learn how to get change processes going and actively shape them. We help you learn to use effective tools and strategies of change management.

Change of culture

The business world is changing inexorably: Industry 4.0, globalization, mergers & acquisitions and VUCA are some of the topics that were unknown yesterday but are unavoidable today. This brings with it a lot of opportunities, but also a number of risks. To be successful as a company, you have to address these challenges. This is why many companies are starting a change of culture process. Stucki accompanies and supports you with the effective “Fit for change” approach. Our services range from the new leadership mission statement through necessary leadership skills and expertise to implementing and training.


Current topics

Keeping pace with the latest trends

The world is turning faster and faster. A lot of developments that you had not even heard of yesterday are now a major issue for you, your company or your entire industry. We want you to be ready to face the latest challenges, to act confidently and not just react. We are currently holding training sessions and seminars on the following topics:

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Analysis instruments

A project or workshop can only hope to be good if the preparation is right. For us to perfectly tailor a training session or seminar to your needs, we use internationally tried and tested analysis instruments. This allows us to familiarize ourselves with your topic early on, regardless of the training session or seminar.

Competence analysis

The good news is: You and your team have your strengths. But do you know what they are? We draft an actual/target analysis of your company expertise and are certified in accordance with Lominger. We then compile the results into a leadership mission statement and help you implement it.

Personal profiles

Are you aware of how other people see you? A personal profile helps you to develop a deeper understanding of yourself and to perceive your effect on others. This helps you understand other peoples’ preferences and be responsive to their needs. We create personal profiles and discuss the implementation with you, or accompany and coach you on their implementation. We are licensed for Insights Discovery and many other models.

Value profiles / motivation profiles

What drives you on in life? While personal profiles show you how you behave, the value and motivation profiles show you why. Knowing what your motivation is helps you to understand your behavior and that of others. We create value and motivation profiles and accompany and coach you on their implementation. We work in accordance with Reiss, MSA and other methods.

360° feedback

As a leader, you have an impact – all the time and on lots of people. 360° feedback describes your effect as a leader on your direct environment – both upward and downward in the hierarchy, laterally and to the outside. We will create a 360° feedback with you, and subsequently accompany and coach you.

Team analysis

Do you know where your team stands? Or why it doesn’t seem to be able to move forward? We help you to discover the strengths and potential of your team. Together with you, we run a team analysis, determine the current situation of your team and reveal any deficits.

> Your benefit

Your benefit


We focus on your strategically relevant topics and train them together with you. We do this effectively, dynamically and in a realistic setting. In this way you will be fit to face any challenge in your company.


We want you to be able to retain the knowledge and skills you acquire with us long term. We achieve this with unique programs in an exceptional framework. With the combination of outdoor, symbolism and theoretical models we consolidate what you experience with us emotionally and thus long term.


With our “state-of-the-art” simulations we make it possible for you and your employees to overcome current challenges. Your team thus always keeps pace with the latest trends in terms of leadership and collaboration. In a modern setting, you learn how to react appropriately to a range of situations.


Our experienced trainers establish a trusting relationship with you and your employees. This promotes an inspiring atmosphere in which the learning effect is great.


Our aim is to be a role model in teamwork and leadership. This is why our trainers are authentic and always act comprehensibly and credibly. And this ensures high acceptance of the learning content.


You can always expect honest and critical feedback from us. We are always respectful, but do not tailor our feedback to suit hierarchies. This means that you are given the criticism that will help you develop positive and realistic self-awareness. Constructively and at every level.