Balancing act between economic pressure and creating employee-oriented values

Consciously leading in a performance- and people-oriented way

How can you, as a leader, be successful even in intensified competition with increased cost pressure, a more dynamic environment and more focus on results? But at the same time you should be a role model with an appreciative, serving and trust-oriented style of leadership? In this seminar, you as a leader will learn to deal with this balancing act more consciously.

Target group

Leaders who want to keep a healthy balance between economic performance and result orientation on the one hand and employees’ well-being on the other.


  • You will develop a deep understanding for how you can maintain an employee-friendly working atmosphere in spite of increasing performance pressure.
  • You will gain knowledge in how to constructively define the scope of ever greater (economic) demands.
  • You will find out how you can remain an authentic and reliable leader with positive and realistic self-awareness in spite of the high expectations (made of you).
  • You will become acquainted with instruments to establish a culture of trust and appreciation within your team.


  • Activity-oriented and interactive
  • Short presentations
  • Group work, learning tandems
  • Intervision
  • Leadership essay


  • Seminar: 2 days

Benefit for your company

The leaders learn to deal specifically with the increasing economic demands without putting too much pressure on their employees or suffering burnout themselves. Human values are held high in the company which in turn leads to a sustainable increase in performance of the staff members. Rates of fluctuation and absenteeism will thus decrease.