Developing resilience – leading attentively & with focus

Leaders have to be both physically and mentally healthy so they can be an authentic role model for their employees. Here you learn how to act confidently in a relaxed manner in difficult and stressful times.

Target group

Executives who are subject to major professional and/or personal stress and want to deal with this independently and constructively.


  • Strengthening of psychological resilience
  • Developing the capability to tolerate external sources of irritation
  • Simple and better adaptability to new situations
  • Sensitized dealing with risks and uncertainties in your daily leadership routine


  • You deliberately address the problem zones (under-stretched, over-stretched & challenge zone) and become acquainted with techniques to escape from an under-stretched or over-stretched state.
  • You find out how to stay calm and to react appropriately to attacks and accusations.
  • You deliberately address borderline situations you have experienced.
  • Healthy, focused self-management. How does that work?
  • You find out about possible forms of deceleration and how you can implement these in your daily leadership routine.
  • What motivates you? Using the motive/structure analysis, you will find out what motivates you both at work and in your private life. (optional)


  • Activity-oriented and interactive
  • Best practice examples from everyday working life
  • Short presentations
  • Group work
  • Learning diary and learning tandems


  • Seminar: 2 days
  • Optional: Leadership essay on the subject of resilience as follow-up task

Benefit for your company

Leaders set an example in terms of resilience and motivation and thus create a performance- and health-promoting environment for themselves and their employees. This results in a healthy performance culture.