Leadership in times of VUCA

Confident leadership in a complex and uncertain business world

Today organizations have to be led so they can quickly adapt to constantly changing conditions at short notice. This is necessary because the environment is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA). Decisions are increasingly having to be made with an uncertain outcome because general conditions are changing constantly and the consequences of decisions are virtually impossible to forecast. Leaders have to prove their worth in the VUCA age.

Target group

Decision-makers who have to keep their heads in the face of constant changes in a difficult business environment.


  • You consciously focus on and deal with VUCA (volatility – uncertainty – complexity and ambiguity) of general conditions and recognize the challenges for your daily leadership routine.
  • You experience and reflect on VUCA when solving practical, activity-oriented tasks.
  • You reflect your own understanding of leadership and compare this with the challenges in the age of VUCA.
  • You become acquainted with leadership concepts to successfully master VUCA situations.
  • You strengthen your own resilience and agility, or ability to adapt.
  • What motivates you? Using the MSA value profile, you find out what motivates you and how you can use this specifically in VUCA times. (optional)


  • Activity-oriented and interactive
  • Best practice examples from everyday working life
  • Short presentations / group work
  • Learning diary and learning tandems


  • Seminar: 2 days

Benefit for your company

Leaders who are aware of the fact that VUCA presents them with challenges are far less likely to become the pawn of constantly changing general conditions. They can react in a more relaxed and competent way to the unexpected. They can manage to create a culture of trust and performance in spite of uncertainty. This in turn leads to greater work satisfaction and an improved profitability outlook for the company.