Leading generations

Using experience, promoting potential

Today, executives are leading employees of different generations, with varied cultural backgrounds and individual value systems. It is a major challenge for executives to fulfill these and their own demands. This can often lead to generation-specific friction within the team. A flexible style of leadership is required. In this seminar, you learn how to develop an appreciative trust and feedback culture and thus open up access to all employee generations.

Target group

Executives who lead different generations and want to make better use of the (age-related) differences


  • You learn to understand the different employee generations.
  • You understand and learn how to shape group dynamics and team roles in mixed-generation teams.
  • You will find out how your team will progress from a mixed-generation team to a mixed-generation high-performing team.
  • You are aware of what is necessary for successful collaboration and knowledge transfer between the generations.
  • You become fully aware of the strengths, potential and different leadership requirements of the generations and will be able to integrate these in your daily leadership routine.
  • You will train and develop a cross-generation trust and feedback culture.
  • You will learn how to implement generation-specific communication and leadership styles flexibly and professionally.


  • Activity-oriented and interactive
  • 3D learning, using best practice examples in the seminar
  • Short presentations
  • Group work
  • Learning diary and learning tandems


  • Seminar: 2 days

Benefit for your company

The seminar hones a leader’s cognitive ability to understand employees of various generations and encourages a more flexible style of leadership. This will help executives to pursue their goals together with their team long term and implement these profitably for the company.