Leading in all directions

Strengthening and promoting middle management – making yourself be heard

Leaders in middle management have the most difficult position in a company. They are subject to pressure from above and below, have to simultaneously cooperate and compete with their managerial peers, and constantly have to adapt their own development to suit ruthlessly rising demands.

Target group

Middle management.


  • You will know how to further develop into an authentic leader of integrity.
  • You will know the characteristics of high-performance teams and can take the necessary steps in this direction with your team.
  • You can deal cooperatively on a level playing field with your colleagues without losing out to the competition.
  • You shape/define the relationship to your line manager so that your ideas and interests are heard, and that you are given the resources and information you need to carry out your work with your team.


  • Activity-oriented and interactive
  • Short presentations
  • Group work
  • Learning diary
  • Personal profile (optional)


  • Seminar: 2 days
  • Optional: 45 minutes per person to discuss individual personal profile

Benefit for your company

This seminar will strengthen those leaders in a company who have to face pressure from all sides and who are indispensable to the good functioning of the company: middle management.