Opportunities when working with digitalization

The way toward Industry 4.0

The inexorable transition from a physically oriented world to a virtual one brings with it a number of opportunities, but also a number of risks. Companies have to come to terms with new topics such as new working models (e.g. home office), increasing automation, data which can be more easily accessed and the Internet of Things. Leaders’ tasks are becoming more complex and unclear, and fear can begin to come to the fore, e.g. fear of job loss, a change in society, the loss of real social contacts, uncontrollable corporate structures, total availability, loss of status or simply the fear of missing the boat. This course actively prepares you for the digital challenges.

Target group

Leaders and teams who are already dealing with the subject or who want to prepare for possible future scenarios in advance.


  • You can see just what is changing with increasing digitalization and to what extent your leadership or teamwork will be affected by this.
  • You hone your understanding of just how much digitalization will make sense for your own company or team.
  • You reflect and develop your own leadership culture regarding digitalization.
  • You become more aware of creativity as a tool when dealing with a changing digital world.
  • You develop strategies for defining the right priorities and focuses with the flood of information.


  • Activity-oriented and interactive
  • Physical, mental, emotional and digital
  • Best practice examples from everyday life
  • Group work
  • E-learning


  • Seminar: 1.5 – 2 days

Benefit for your company

Digitalization with all its facets is no longer seen as a threat but as an opportunity. Due to the fact that leaders and employees actively deal with the subject, employee satisfaction and productivity will increase.