Whether large or small, Stucki is the one – Stucki in the heart of the Trivadis TechEvent 2019

The Trivadis TechEvent should not take place as usual, as Trivadis celebrates its 25th anniversary and invites all its employees to Barcelona. The main topics for this event were agile organization, positive team spirit, qualified communication and the challenge of working together. Stucki is a good choice, isn’t it? Absolutely and that is why we were allowed to accompany the event with 550 employees.
In contrast to Stucki’s usual practice, we trained 22 Trivadis employees as co-trainers. Well prepared and full of excitement, 9 Stucki trainers travelled to Barcelona.

On site we were able to carry out 5 of our typical Stucki tasks with 550 Trivadians, in cooperation with the committed co-trainers.
The two days under a blue sky and with great participants was a huge success.
Sebastian Klinger made a wonderful video for Trivadis at the TechEvent.


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