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Leadership Pillars into action

Leadership Pillars into action

Hitachi Energy has identified and developed their 4 leadership pillars. They asked us to design and deliver a program which would allow their leaders to experience and test them in a safe environment.


Equip leaders for a fast-growing market; after a carve out, define clear culture and behaviours.

Key elements 

  • Getting to personal limits.

  • Balancing between experiencing, Reflecting, and learning

  • Learning with and from peers


  • Allow the top 60 Hitachi Energy leaders to live the 4 leadership pillars in actions and get clarity how to lead their teams in the future

  • Create a strong community out of the top 60 leaders

  • Develop a mindset of openness and agility

Jeff Simmons (HR Leader)

ffie team really enjoyed our session and appreciated the opportunity to participate in this event. We have all came away with many valuable practical learnings that we can all apply immediately. In addition, I think the team would all agree, that we started as very opinionated colleagues and left as friends.

Bernard Reber – Seminar leader

Simulations allow leaders to test and learn in a safe environment, leading to long lasting impact.

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