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Change Management

Change Management

In 2021, SoBa realigned its core business in cooperation with its parent company. This has meant fundamental changes to structures, processes, systems and responsibilities. New job profiles have emerged


All persons / hierarchy levels involved recognize the necessity and the sense of the reorganization and find their way in their new role.

Key elements 

  • Involve divisional management, all team leaders and all affected employees in the change process

  • Approx. 1-year process
    • 80 people involved
    • 20 seminar days in total

  • Intensive examination of the personal situation and that of the team. Simulation of change situations, reflection (House of Change), transfer to everyday life.

Christof Biedermann – Seminarleiter

As an experienced change manager, I was able to work constructively with the project management team. I remember intensive seminar days with employees who were heavily involved in the change process.

I see Stucki’s method as a pioneering way of focusing people’s energy

Stucki provided us with excellent and competent support as part of a major change project. The new teams were able to act immediately and harmonized well. Stucki’s action-oriented approach met with a very good response and a high level of acceptance from all managers and employees across the hierarchy. Results were quickly visible. The training sessions and the subsequent visible implementation of measures were the basis for stability, focus, security and optimism in the supported teams. I see the method used by Stucki as a pioneering way of focusing people’s energy and motivation and showing them new paths. Stucki impresses with tasks that are specifically tailored to the situation and professional trainers with the gift of clear feedback.

Max Gerber

former Leader Human Resources

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