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Our Story

Over the Years


In 1984 Robert Stucki founded the company “Stucki Leadership & Team Development”. From the very beginning, the concept of activity-oriented learning was central to everything the company did. This made Stucki a pioneer in training leaders in Switzerland because the activity-oriented approach was virtually unknown at the time in Europe.

How all started

It started in the 1980s with an experience in the Swiss Alps:
• Decisions have to be taken...
• Collaboration is key...
• Leadership is important...
• Situations can change fast...
• Some circumstances can’t be influenced (weather)...
... it’s like an everyday working environment.


The dawn of an idea

Robert found himself suddenly thrown into a leadership role in the engineering company that employed. He noticed that the practical methods of learning he had developed in the mountain could be translated into the workplace.

He also noticed most of the knowledge obtained from management schools was mostly theoretical and translating it into practical skills was a challenge.


1984 Foundation of Stucki

Robert created the company to bridge the gap between the theoretical approaches taught in business schools and the practical requirements of leaders, supervisors, and employees.

He became a pioneer in the field of activity-based learning by combining his experience as a mountain guide and as a leader in an engineering company.
The first clients were large corporations such as IBM, IMD, ABB, and IBA/Novartis. However, smaller regional companies soon joined.

The First Simulator

Robert collaborated with other innovative thinkers from key clients to create the first simulator. This simulator aimed to provide outdoor tasks that involved ropes and harnesses to provide intense experiences and reinforce learnings for daily work. As demand grew, the range of tasks expanded to meet customer demands, industry trends, and new topics in the business world.

Fast changing market

Of course, it’s not just our logo and company name that changed over the past 40 years. We have adapted and refined our ways to tackle new topics, to integrate new tools, and to position ourselves in a fast-changing market.

What we stick to is our methodology. The Stucki Method® is based on learning through experience. Observing, reflecting, and adapting our behaviour to get better collaboration and leadership and achieve more together. We are certain that with this approach transformation processes are more effective and sustainable.

And the Future?

Digitalisation, new trends in collaboration and leadership, new concepts of organisational structures, social changes, and even climate change will keep us busy to anticipate, react and to develop new simulations, concepts, and projects.

Working with Stucki has always been exciting and always will be. Because empowering people is our passion, regardless of what challenges may come.

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