Seven elements for your success

Over the past 35 years, we have steadily developed a method that makes us unique today – the Stucki Method. The Stucki method consists of seven elements. Together, they guarantee that your time with us is a success.

Activity-oriented learning

The Stucki method builds on a tried and tested approach: activity-oriented learning. The four phases of “activity, experience, reflection, transfer” give our training sessions and seminars a clear structure. And this ensures that you take what you have learned back to your everyday work routine and implement it.


You learn fastest from role models. Which is why we too want to be role models. All our trainers stand for humaneness, authenticity and trust – with you, with our partners and with our employees.


With us you should be able to open up, show your emotions and learn in this atmosphere. This is why we give our training sessions and seminars a framework which promotes a positive learning climate in which you can also show your weaknesses. That is why we take you to your limits – but never beyond. We adhere to the concept of the positive learning environment. So we are always paying attention to your physical and emotional well-being.


Do you know courses where as soon as you have finished them you can’t actually remember what they were about? Our training sessions and seminars leave a lasting impression. We achieve this by developing settings that fit in with the goals of the seminar. Need an example? If you want to get all team members involved, have them all in the same boat as it were, then we work with boats, ships and a real lake. You want to build bridges or reach a summit? We’re with you. This is how we consolidate what you learn emotionally and long term.


We work with tried and tested theoretical models, some of which we developed ourselves. These models help to reflect what you have experienced and to transfer this experience to your everyday work routine. Since we think practically, we keep the theoretical principles of our training sessions and seminars as detailed as necessary and as clear as possible.


You can only solve your challenges with insights and knowledge that suit you. This is why all the tasks we assign you in our training sessions and seminars simulate relevant problems from your everyday work routine. In a modern, reliable way that is always tailored to suit your requirements. If necessary, we adapt our tasks even during the course of a seminar.


Perhaps the most important element when it comes to the success of your seminar: our trainers. During recruitment we make sure potential trainers have a sound training and relevant experience. Our trainers are also able to engage in further training at all times. They are confident personalities who are sincere and professional. They will give you honest feedback. And besides, our trainers are as direct as they have to be – or as discreet.